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The Broward County Environmental Inquiry and Resource System (ENVIROS) provides information on environmental permits, licenses and regulatory enforcement in Broward County, Florida. Please select an option on the left side of this page to begin your search.

The information available in ENVIROS is limited. Click here for details.

If you are searching for environmental complaint or emergency notification information received after March 31, 2019, contact the Broward County Call Center at 954-831-4000.

Disclaimer: The information identified as a result of inquires is specific to the type of business and its location in Broward County. Data and other information derived from searches may not constitute all of the data and information that may be available. Additional information may be requested by contacting Pollution Prevention Division (PPD) at (954) 519-1260 or by sending a written request to: PPD, 1 North University Drive, Plantation, FL, 33324.

The information in ENVIROS is limited. Information search criteria vary based on the type of information you are looking for. For example, some permits have no Facility, while other permits have no Section-Township and Range (STR), so if you are searching by STR, no Tank Modification or Hazardous Material Licenses will be returned. If you are searching Permits by Facility #, no Marine Facility Operating Licenses will be returned. Permits may not have a File in certain statuses.

Also, not all information that may be used for a search is required and so the result set may not include information that exists. Therefore searching for information using several different search criteria is recommended.

The ENVIROS Search Criteria table shows which criteria are valid for each activity search. If the column has a “Y” for the activity, then the criteria is good. If the column has a “N” for the activity, then the criteria is not good or applicable for that activity and should not be used. If the column has a “Y/N” for the activity, it works only when the information matches though is not required for that activity and may not return information that exists. For example, when doing an Enforcement Action Search by using Address NW 2nd ST, your result set will include WRN13-0164 with an address of 20 NW 2ND ST, but will not include WRN12-0365 which has no address but rather has the closest major intersection NW 8 Ave & 2 St. Address is not is not always applicable (and therefore not required) for a Warning Notice.

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